Dionysian cabaret

Marion Gomar – soprano | Benjamin Laurent – piano | Julie Timmerman – director

Debussy, Kurt Weill, Ravel, Mozart, Puccini and Tchaikovsky are no longer of this world, of course, but they too spoke of love, sexuality, identity, exclusion, dreams,…

Benjamin, Head-of-singing-ringmaster to the cabaret Dyonisiaque, presents Marion, international lyrical singer from Saint-Denis, during a true-false interview between two “classics” diverted in a good-natured spirit, without taboos and without sacralization.
The voice, the stage, it’s made to play. And with everything.

The objective of this show: Tickle the codes of opera! Hence this cabaret format, a bit burlesque, a bit poetic, which speaks of feelings, of humanity, and above all… of sweet madness, through the anecdotes of a singer who comes from the poor French department.

Creation at the MJC of Saint-Denis in February 2019
TGP of Saint-Denis November 2019
Passerelles Festival Lyrique at Aix-en-Provence June 2022

Sotto le stelle

Marion Gomar – soprano | Francesca Rambaldi – piano

At the origin of this recital, Francesca and I dreamed of music under the stars. In a planetarium, under the celestial vault in the sweetness of summer… This thought has matured for a few years. When one day, I saw this book by Italo Calvino “Palomar”. I was sure I had read them all, but no, I had missed this contemplative essay full of poetry and humor. Calvino being a confirmed amateur astronomer, he offers us tasty passages of his contemplation of the stars.

This concert was therefore transformed into a recital-reading by mixing literary and musical poetry, thanks to French, Italian, English, Russian and German songs. Behind the scenes are projected the texts (originals and translations) and NASA photos of the stars mentioned.
The creation took place in Italy, in the Torri dell’Acqua in Bologna, with the suave voice of Giovanni Chessa and the complicity of the Goethe Institute.

During this creation we projected behind the scenes the texts of the songs.

utopia ! (improvised opera)

véronique chevallier | mathilde clavier | cyprien colombo | marion gomar
Volodymyr Kapshuk | lucile pessey | pauline sikirdji | benjamin laurent | sarah gerber


During a training session organized by Les Chantiers Nomades, Jean-François Sivadier wondered what it would be like if we had opera singers improvise with the same codes as in the theatre, but this time in music. It was necessary to count on the genius of Benjamin Laurent, pianist composer, to improvise entire opera scenes instantly, and the imagination of the artists on stage to find the playground and the overflowing imagination of our childrens souls.

From a Wagnerian air to an operetta quartet, everything is possible, all the sweet madness and joy of the game respond to the desire to deconstruct a hackneyed world while paying homage to it through virtuosity.
Director Sarah Gerber takes over the reins of this initiative to give it wings.

The songs of Tristan and Isolde

marion gomar | fumiko sonegawa

Marion Gomar and Fumiko Sonegawa, pianist, met in 2015 during a concert at the auditorium of Paris-La Sorbonne, in tribute to the musicologist Serge Gut around his book on “Tristan und Isolde” by Wagner. For this concert, the musicologist Jean-Jacques Velly and the Wagnerian circle of Paris ask them to interpret extracts from Wesendonck Lieder and the death of Isolde. And when you enter this music, the bewitchment is immediate…

A few years later and a deepening of Wagnerian works, the two musicians create a recital around the harmonic revolution of the arrival of Tristan in the musical landscape, with the 5 poems of Baudelaire by Debussy, the Wesendonck Lieder and the Liebestod.

Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal, the sensuality of this poetry as well as the constant embrace of Debussy’s delicate music, marry marvelously with the dizzying depth of Wagner’s poem.

This 50-minute recital is a sound slide on a powerful wave. Close your eyes, open your lungs and… get high…

Siam Sunset Trio

marion gomar | Chloé Parisot | Martin

A lifelong cinephile and fascinated by musicals, I dreamed of doing a concert bringing together jazz standards, musical hits from the golden age of Hollywood, all with a nice nod to the arrival of “talking” cinema.

Thanks to the Association des Cheminots Cinéphiles, Jazz Hum’Ah and its partnership with FIP radio, I was able to make this dream come true in 2013. The big comeback of this show is currently being organised.