First of all, a huge thank you to all the beauties of “Cosi Fan Tutte”, Claire-Emmanuelle, Coralie, Mélanie, Flora, Tatiana, Inès, Lénaïck, Antonia, Lola, Emilie, Laetitia, Tiphaine, Nadège, Zoie, Sigrid, Lou and Aude, who contributed morally and financially to the existence of this site.

I can never thank enough my two main singing teachers, Blandine de Saint-Sauveur and Regina Werner-Dietrich, who, in addition to their fine, healthy and demanding technique, have given me the confidence and joy of doing this job. They are also a model of what I hope to pass on as a teacher.

In chronological order, I will start by thanking …. My parents, my sister, Pierrette, René, Aude, my family in general and my closest friends, who not only put up with my vocalizations but… ask for more!

Then, my thanks go naturally to the beautiful souls of the Maîtrise de Paris, Patrick Marco, “Madame” Goujon, Catherine Charles, Karine and Valérie and my first teacher Christine Demangel.

A huge thank you to Irène Kudela, Scott Prouty and Charlotte Nessi for my first experience as a soloist in the prestigious setting of the Paris Opera at the age of 10.

Since we were 18, I thank Alexandre Desjeunes and his audacity for the creation of the association “Variations d’Alexandrins”, for which I was secretary, and which was for several years a great challenge for the promotion of music with Jérémie Delvert and Alphonse Cemin. I would also like to thank his parents for always taking us seriously!

Thank you very much to the Studio Théâtre de Stains for having trusted me at the age of 17 with my first show “Les recalés de la Star’Ac!” with Anita Pouchard Serra, Laure Nouraout, Corentin Bordelot, Pierre-Emmanuel Simon and Vincent Brunel.

From Pantin, I have a special thought for Roselyne Masset-Lecoq who has not given up hope as to my solfeggio dispositions. Thanks also to Charlotte Bonneu and Jean-Louis Dumoulin.

A big thank you to Marie Blanc and Philippe Scagni who, thanks to their company In-Sense, introduced me to the first joys of productions and tours. Thanks to Marc Bizzini and Ernestine Bluteau, on the piano.

Later, it was at the studio theatre of Asnières where I made beautiful theatrical encounters with Fiona Chauvin, Sol Espeche, Lorraine de Sagazan, Julie Timmermann, Fabrice Cals, Jean-Louis Martin-Barbaz, Hervé Van der Meulen, Nina Meurisse, Amal Allaoui…

I have a fond thought for the TriOpera with Léopoldine de Saint-Aulaire, Galatée Berlioz, our happy road trips and an ever enthusiastic audience. Mr. and Mrs. Bonnet also hold a special place in my heart.

From the Leipzig epic, I am particularly grateful to the Contemporary Music Department and Manuel Durao, the virtuoso Sybille Höhnk, my teachers Carola Guber, Peter Berné, Philip Moll, Alexander Schmalcz, among others,  my acolytes Marion Nogaro, Arthur Soulès, Astryd Cottet, Florent Billy, Sarah Thery, Francesca Rambaldi, Felix Thiemann, Vincent Tricotel, Elsa Dreisig, Dominic Grosse, Alice Ungerer, Natalie Perez, Olivier and Anna-Maria Lloansi Also Mirga Grazinyte for this zany Magic Flute and… Bobby MacFerrin for the immense gift of being able to sing on stage with him.
Many thanks also to the Fondation Ad Infinitum – DAAD for subsidizing a large part of my German studies.

Thanks also to the whole team of the Royaumont Foundation, especially Catherine Huet and Samuel Agard, Mireille Delunsch for her generosity during these 5 days of training. I think of the meeting with Jean-François Sivadier which was a turning point in my life as a singer, thank you a thousand times to him.

A huge thank you to Françoise Tillard and her association “Parole et Musique”. Her erudition and virtuosity make her a great teacher and her generosity fills her with humanity. The energy she deploys so that the music of her students resounds on stage is to be commended all the more.

Another person, dear to my heart, but also to the heritage and matrimony, must be included in this list: Jacques-François Loiseleur des Longchamps, his company L’oiseleur and his poetic eye of photographer.

Thanks to the whole team of Chantiers Nomades and Nathalie Rizzardo.

A big thank you to the incredible pianists who have given me so much: Benjamin Laurent, Delphine Dussaux, Maciej Pikulski, Emmanuel Olivier, Erica Guiomar, Tanguy de Williencourt, Yedam Kim, Lucie Seillet, Sarah Ristorcelli, Juliette Journaux, Mary Olivon, Madjid Mohia, Nicolas Royez, Sarah Margaine, ….

Of course, we would feel naked without them, the costume designers! A thought to David Messinger who made my first princess dress, to Graziella Paquin, Fabrice Ilia-Leroy and Sabine Schlemmer!

Thank you to the intense encounters that the city of Saint-Denis can offer: Sophie and Emmanuel Bex and their Jazz Club, Josie Comet, Michel Gaillard, the whole team of line 13 and Salah Kemissi, all the teams of the Saint-Denis Festival (I think of Clémence Pesnot and Béatrice Noiset), of the TGP, of the 3 Saisons de la Plaine (Antoine Landowski), and of the office of Diony’s Voice!

Thanks to Henri Deleger, Alice Caubit, Louise Lapierre, Matthias Champon, Remy Gassiat, Claire Feintrenie and Cédric Mazières for the crazy hours of Le Tréteau.

Thanks also to the photographers who are always present, Joël Lumien, Francis Junek and the others whose photos illustrate the site: Matthieu Munoz, Nemo Perier Stefanovitch, Juliette Gracy and Willy Vainqueur.

And finally, thanks to my lover and my son who bring me daily sweetness. (thanks for the English translation!)